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Southern Nevada Chen Style Taijiquan

Welcome to Southern Nevada Chen Style Taijiquan in Las Vegas, Nevada. My name is Stephen Gale. On this home page I will provide an introduction to Chen Style Taijiquan and hope that it encourages you to explore this internal martial art. Taijiquan can be experienced on many different levels. Whether you are interested in improvement of your health or martial intent, Chen Style Taijiquan can be a life long practice that can never be exhausted.
What is Chen Style Taijiquan?
What is Chen Style Taijiquan? It is a Chinese internal martial art noted for its fluid, flowing and coiling explosive movements. Taiji means 'Grand Ultimate'. Quan means fist. Therefore, in literal terms it means, 'Grand Ultimate Fist'. There has been scholarly debate for years concerning its origins, but Chen Wang Ting (1600 - 1680) is commonly given credit for its creation. It still continues to be practiced within the Chen Family in Chenjiagou village (Henan, China ).
Grand Ultimate
In practice, taijiquan or 'Grand Ultimate' uses Yi  (mind) to separate yin and yang from the condition of wuji (emptiness or no form). The state of emptiness is the precondition to begin form practice. It has also been said that the meaning of taiji is contained within the 'The Song of Taiji "which states, "no shape, no shadow, body transparent and empty...The stage of forgetting self and entering into the Wuji state where you began."
I encourage interested students to inquire and experience first hand, the truth in the art of Chen Style Taijiquan. Most essential is a competent teacher who understands taijiquan principles and fundamentals so that you can explore the depths of this superlative art.
Learn and enjoy the health benefits of this superlative 'Stillness in motion... Motion in stillness' martial art form.

Chen Style Lao Jia Yi Lu Single Whip


Chen Style Traditional First Form

This is the form I learned from Master Wong Wai Yi (Anthony) who learned it from his teacher, Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou from Chen Village in China. The Chen Taijiquan ("Lao Jia") traditional form is widely acknowledged as the oldest and the ancestor of all other Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Chi) styles.

Chen Qingzhou is a 19th generation lineage holder in Chen Family Taijiquan Gongfu and a direct descendant of the ancestral founder of Chen Village where Taijiquan originated. Born in 1934, he began training in Chen Family Old Frame under his father, Chen Wufang. He was later sent to study with the great 18th generation master, Chen Zhaopi, disciple of Chen Fake. From his early youth, Chen Qingzhou had a tremendous love for Taijiquan. He was so diligent in his practice that Chen Zhaopi permitted him to teach after only one year of study and in 1962, granted him the status of rumen disciple. He was also granted a title "Da Shi" as one of the 12 Taiji Grand Masters in the world. For a complete biography of Chen Qingzhou, click on this link:

Overall, Chen Style Taijiquan has a comprehensive system that contains empty hands and weapon forms, silk-reeling exercises, and qigong.   Traditional Chen Taijiquan is characterized by low powerful stances, very supple whole-body twining and coiling movements, stomping, and explosive releases of power that are mostly absent from the practice of other styles of Taijiquan.  Traditional Chen Taijiquan can also be practiced with graceful, slow, and light movements.  

One can practice Traditional Chen Taijiquan in its entirety as an internal martial art or solely and most importantly for our day and age for its health benefits.


Available classes in Las Vegas beginning October 14, 2004:
Hunyuan Qigong
Location: YMCA of Southern Nevada
              4141 Meadows Lane
              Las Vegas, NV 89107
Tuesdays     Thursday     10:00 a.m - 11:00  a.m.
Also, I teach privately in the Las Vegas area. If you are interested in any of the arts listed on the web page, please contact me by the listed e-mail address for more information.

Chen Style posture

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