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Southern Nevada Chen Style Taijiquan

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Chansi jin

What is Chansi jin?


Chansi jin literally means silk reeling energy (imagine a silk worm turning and spiraling within its cocoon). Silk reeling exercises help loosen the joints and exercise muscles to release jin through spirals and circles. Silk reeling is characteristic of Chen Style.

Silk reeling exercises practiced by themselves center on loosening 18 major joints of the body working from the neck down to the ankles. The  casual observor will note only  external movements, but internally the practioner is using their Yi (Mind) to channel qi throughout the body through the meridians and channels.

Stand relaxed feet shoulder width apart, shoulders relaxed, eyes forward and breathing naturally. Each exercise ends by quiding qi into the dantian through circling the hands up and down bringing qi into the yintang (upper dantian) and guiding into the middle dantian.

The following exercises, I learned from my Sifu Wong Wai Yi (Tony). They were developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang over the course of his martial art experience of some 50 years and closely reflect the Hunyuan philosophy of mixing circles. 

Silk reeling energy is expressed in and used to train the 8 energies of peng, lu, ji, an, cai, lie, jou and kao. Each exercise is repeated a minimum of 9 times on each side (left/right) followed by 3 movements drawing qi into the dantian.

30 Silk Reeling Exercises

1.       Turning the head

2.       Revolving the neck

3.       Revolving the shoulders

4.       Strike the shoulders to the front and rear

5.       Left and right arm chan si

6.       Left and right arm spiraling chan si

7.       Double arms spiral chan si

8.       Double arms shun ni chan si

9.       Double arm diagonal opening and closing chan si

10.   Double arm straight spiral up chan si

11.   Double arm straight spiral down chan si

12.   Double arm straight spiral forward chan si

13.   Double arm straight spiral backward chan si

14.   Double arm straight spiral horizontal chan si

15.   Left up right down spiral chan si

16.   Right up left down spiral chan si

17.   Double arm opening and closing chan si

18.   Double elbow opening and closing chan si

19.   Left and right elbow shun ni chan si

20.   Twisting the wrist left and right

21.   Double twisting wrists

22.   Left and right spiral punch

23.   Rotating the abdomen and kidneys

24.   Rotating the waist

25.   Spiraling the waist

26.   Left and right knee spiral

27.   Double knee spiral

28.   Left and right chan si side kick

29.   Twisting the foot left and right

30.   Golden cock shakes its wing


The above description is not intended to comprehensively list or represent all silk reeling exercises.


Upon casual observation, the silk reeling exercises appear to be soft aerobics, for stretching exercises for bones, muscles, and tendons of the practitioner. But for correct performance, they must utilize Taiji principles and with right effort qi will be channeled throughout the body. This in turn will physically and mentally relax the body.

Silk reeling exercises must be taught by a qualified instructor, who knows the theory of these exercises so the essential quality of these exercises can be obtained. These exercises must be practiced correctly to prevent body injury.

Chansijin Movement