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Southern Nevada Chen Style Taijiquan

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Stephen's Biography


Stephen's Background:
A longtime practitioner of martial arts in the San Francisco Bay Area, he splits his time between Las Vegas, Nevada and San Francisco, California. He earned a black belt in Aikido under the tutlege of Sensei's George Leonard, Wendy Palmer, Richard Heckler and Frank Doran. In addition, to Aikido, he studied Yang Style Taijiquan in Master Tung Ying Chieh's Yang School of Taijiquan and is a senior student of Chen Taijiquan Master Wong Wai Yi (Tony) earning an instructor's certificate from Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou.
Stephen has been involved in teaching Taijquan in Brisbane, California, paticipated in local bay area martial arts festivals, competitions and education in demonstration of empty hand forms and sword. He currently does volunteer Hunyuan qigong practice in a hospice setting in Berkeley, California.
I especially wish to give a a special thanks and appreciation to my Aikido teachers' Sensei George Leonard, Sensei Wendy Palmer, Sensei Richard Heckler at their Tamalpais Dojo and Sensei Frank Doran at the Stanford University Aikido Club. They are inspiring examples of warriors who walk in peace. Their great example and dedication inspired me to stay on 'The Path'.
And not least of all, thanks to my Taijquan teachers, Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou and Master Wong Wai Yi (Tony) who have unselfishishly shared with me the gift of their time and heritage in the deep rich art of Chen style Taijiquan.

Grandmaster Chen Qingzhou, Stephen, SifuTony Wong